Jason Limon Unique and Stunning Artworks


Jason Limon is an artist based in San Antonio, Texas, his paintings and drawings have a particular identity, really hard to explain, I could define it as something between dark, grunge, but also something between charming and pretty. The glossy, rounded and cute eyes are the main signature of his artworks.

I am an observer of our world, silently scanning its elements and the beings who move among them. My mind absorbs and overflows with thoughts and emotions with no way to be revealed but through marks on a blank surface. There is a curious young soul within me that begs to show its existence. My mind drifts to far of places in hopes of returning with fragments of memories and dreams to share with others. I create so that I may speak. With every image released I step further away from the shadows of my past and into the bright lights of a happier place (Jason's website).

You can see more artworks from Jason Limon accessing his Flickr or his website.

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Marcos Torres

I'm Marcos Torres, I'm a Graphic Artist from Brasil. You can know more about me at my Website, at my Tumblr or at my Flickr.