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I was checking Dribbble yesterday when I saw this web design project for the surfer John John Florence. As a surfer and fan of the sport and of John John I decided to check it out in more details and I got amazed by the editorial style that the guys at Elegant Seagulls achieved on the design. The imagery and typography really makes it look like a real magazine. I don't know how that would work when we get to the responsive part of any web project, but they definitely got something going with this project, well done. Always aware of the top trends, but never trapping ourselves by them.

John "John" Florence is a pro surfer known as one of the most dominant pipe surfers of this era. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of tube riding and aerial assaults. His progressive surf style helped inspire this concept's overall direction. 

Elegant Seagulls, a creative design agency located in Marquette, Michigan works one on one with every client to create websites, develop user interfaces/experiences, and build brands all while continuing our quest for world domination. For more information check out

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