Jungle n°4 - Editorial Design

Jungle is a editorial design project for a thematic employment guide. It features interviews, advices and investigations for the people starting out their careers. The project was shared by Violaine & Jeremy and it is a great example of how playful and colorful an editorial project can be. We tend to feature minimalist projects and this project is the opposite. From beautiful illustrations to bold and unique typography. It definitely gives a fresh perspective and inspiration.

We created custom titles fonts for the revue, W (Bold Condensed) and J (ultra light condensed). Other Fonts used are Dala Prisma, Thorowgood Sans Shaded, St Croce and Superior. - Bechance

Editorial Design

Violaine & Jeremy is an illustration and graphic arts studio  currently based in Paris, France. Their specialized in:

  • Artistic direction
  • Illustration
  • Textile pattern design
  • Graphic identity
  • Editorial design
  • Webdesign

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