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I dare say that one thing that is common for most designers is the crazy addiction of having as much resources as possible, from textures to fonts, brushes and patterns. Yes, patterns are awesome, no questions asked. But as you probably know, these are not easy to create and sometimes we struggle to make them seamless tileable. And that's why this new book called Geometric is so cool.

The book is all about geometric patterns inspired by basic shapes, but the best thing is that with the book you get a CD with 100 pattern fonts that you can use the way you want, allowing you to create many more different patterns. For more information about it and how to get your copy which includes the CD with 100 pattern fonts visit their site at http://kapitza.com/shop/geometric-book.

Also, as it's Christmas time we have 1 copy of Geometric to giveaway, to win it is pretty simple: just leave a comment expressing your love for Geometric Patterns. We will announce the winner in 2 weeks.

What is Geometric?

Geometric is a unique exploration in graphic pattern design and the most extensive pattern font collection available from a font foundry. The project consists of 100 pattern fonts which form an inexhaustible resource for creating patterns in numerous styles.

What’s your inspiration for Geometric?

Geometric is inspired by movement and basic shapes; finding and testing the limitations of computers and software and the art of gif animations. It all started with stripes in various widths and angles. To experiment, we moved the stripes in pre-defined intervals across the standard design space of the font software (1000em square). The intersections between the stripes and the design space then formed the characters of the first Geometric fonts. We introduced other basic geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles, curves and generated more fonts for the Geometric fonts collection. When using the fonts to create patterns, the often surprising results don’t cease to excite us.

What are pattern fonts?

Pattern fonts can be installed on your computer just like any other font. But instead of letters they contain a graphic shape on the keys. The power of pattern fonts lies in the way they allow patterns to be created in any software application (from word processing to graphics); and standard font features - like size, leading and letter spacing - make tweaking and tuning pattern designs limitless and easy.

How can I use Geometric?

This book is an extensive collection of graphic art exploring the unlimited possibilities of Geometric. All the patterns featured in this book were made using the Geometric font collection, and the accompanying CD-ROM features the full set of Geometric fonts for your use. Our tutorial, included in the book, is a great way to get started.

Where can I order the book?

You can order a copy of the Geometric book, which includes the CD with 100 pattern fonts from our shop at:


Abou Kaptiza

Kapitza is an independent design company run by sisters Nicole & Petra Kapitza who share a passion for everyday life, minimalism, patterns & colour. Their studio is based in East London, a vibrant and dynamic area which forms part of the inspiration for their work. Other inspirations include nature, people and software.

The sisters have been developing an extensive series of unique picture fonts and illustrations that lie somewhere between image resource and art project. Kapitza supersede commercial boundaries with their own mix of genuine curiosity and technical expertise.

For more information visit the link below:


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