The Karate Kid: Final Fight

Karate Kid is a classic from the 80s, with memorable passages like the training Karate by polishing cars, or catching flies with chopsticks. Besides that there was Cobra Kai and their sensei. So many memories and inspirations from that beautiful decade. PJ McQuade captured that amazingly well in his illustration titled The Karate Kid: Final Fight.

Wax On, Wax Off. Show me paint the fence. Mercy is for the weak. What is the problem Mr. Lawrence? I want him out of commission. Sweep the Leg. Finish him! You're all right, LaRusso! The Karate Kid is a classic. I recently created a print for the Bottleneck Gallery's It Came from 1984 show depicting the final fight between Johnny Lawrence & Daniel LaRusso. I wanted it to convey that dramatic hold your breath tension of the moment.

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