Keap the fire burning: Keap Candles Launches New Website and 'Scent-to-Home' Experience

I happen to have an unhealthy obsession with candles that smell amazing so when we received a delivery from Keap Candles out of Brooklyn, NY my day was made. Upon opening the beautifully packaged discovery set of four tea light candles my olfactory senses were in heaven. Keap Candles smell amazing, are aesthetically awesome and you can also feel good about burning them because you're doing good too. 

Co-founders Harry and Steve started Keap candles with a mission - to make a better, beautiful, cost conscious candle with an online consumer experience that is more personal while also pioneering a new model for social good. In the process of developing this innovative candle line featuring natural, slow-burning coconut wax in reusable glass tumblers they also discovered they could make a difference in our global community—by partnering with SolarAid to distribute solar lamps to people living outside of the electrical grid.

Keap's new 'Scent-to-Home' package of four unique scents take you on a journey through some of life's great escapes. You'll find a scent to fit every mood from a walk in the woods, to warm happy days spent by the ocean, an uplifting spa experience, to roaming the green market on a bright, crisp spring day. You'll also dig the simple, elegant packaging reflecting Keap's reductive identity that will surely compliment just about any space. 'Scent-to-Home' is comprised of four tea lights that can be burned individually to experience each of Keap's signature fragrances. The set costs $15, which can then be applied to a discounted single candle or to Keap's monthly candle subscription. 

“Scent is a deeply personal and subjective thing; words  and images can only give you  an approximate idea of what you’ll feel when you smell a scent,” says Harry.“ A candle combines a set of simple elements to remarkable effect,” notes Stephen. 

The new website is simply gorgeous and super easy to navigate which makes your candle shopping that much more accessible. Peruse and purchase here:

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