THE KIDS RETURN: Tokyo Exhibition

I've been a great fan of Alexandre Osmoze for a long time, I've been to one of his exhibits and he's genuinely a great person as well. Other than his great personality, his work is just a real reflection of his talents. Working with your hands will always still be the primary thing to explore or to keep in your habits as a designer. Knowingly your real core to a level of understanding the things we do every single day and once was part of our routine without any technology. So let's dive into the sublime work of Alexandre Osmoze for his 2nd exhibit in Anagra, Japan. Hope you will enjoy!






About Alexandre Osmoze Brakha

Alexandre is an artist that does a lot of everything, from street art, drawing, illustration, art direction, designing and more. Just everything. He's currently based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and we can clearly see that he has a pure passion for the islands of Japan through his art.

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