Kolodishchi Interior Design

With Summer in full speed, we started getting some thoughts about doing some renovations. Living in a country where you spend about 4 months in the harsh cold of Winter. You do want to plan your time accordingly so you are able to do whatever it is that you wanna before the Cold cycle start knocking at your door all over again. While looking at inspiration for Interior Design, we stumbled across this minimalistic & beautiful project by Dmitry Sheleg and his work on an Scandinavian style apartment.

Two-story house interior design in a modern scandinavian style for a young couple.

About Dmitry Sheleg

Dmitry is a designer working mainly in digital art, interior design and architecture that is currently based in Minks, Belarus. We look forward to see more from him.


Studio: ZROBYM architects
Design by Dmitry Sheleg
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Style: Scandinavian style
Size: 292 m2

More information via his Behance.

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