KYD Buro Visual Identity

We love to post about visual identity and the creative process behind it because it shows the holistic approach of design. Creating guidelines and systems is the core of good design, it gives consistency and also flexibility to extend the brand without jeopardizing the visual language. The work of KYD Buro is an excellent example of a really well done visual identity and process.

KYD Buro is a young architect team. The name is formed from the first letters of the founders: Kobets, Yankovskiy, Dubrovskiy. Company's services include architecture, complex projection, design and projects support. Teamwork is based on the following values: mathematics, logic, contemporaneity, openness, structuredness, consistency, simplicity and flexibility. They needed identity that would meet all of these requirements to create exact image of the company.

The first step was establishing of relationships between brand values and their graphic expression. It helped to understand how logo should look like. After that there was the sketches stage.

The decision was found in type transformable sign, consisting of three caps letters. Each letter is constructed by common grid and has the same dimensions. Letters' ends have universal form for variety connection with each other.


Via Behance

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