La Saint Paire: Creative Tandem

I don't work with my hands as much as I would love to. So I do admire the people that work hard with their hands, especially with mural painting. It's a crazy long process with many layers of steps for such an impressive result. With no particular taste as what kind of art from graffiti, lettering or even a mosaic piece of art. We are showcasing the work of La Sainte Paire and their work is simply (as they well put it)  Tout-Terrain.

This creative tandem has it all as different as complementary field, sharing their time on paper to develop a unconventional style mixing symbolic references, caricatures, typographical games , comics, absurd characters in ever more surprising designs as one to another. They turned and reinterprets everyday scenes, objects and images with humor to immerse the viewer in their more than offbeat. Each composition is full of details, it is a real tote ubiquitous references in popular collective memory.

About La Saint Paire

La Saint Paire is the duo team of NOOGAMAN and OSPER (great names) that focus their art into illustration and "Fresque". It's a term that will be more definite with mural painting techniques.


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