One of the first posters my brother and I had was of the iconic Ferrari F40. I used to obsess over the car, drawing in school on the last pages of my notebook. Since then Ferrari has launched the F50, the Enzo Ferrari and this week they reveal the successor of the legend named LaFerrari. Obviously we are not talking about a car, but a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

Of course we had to post about LaFerrari. We are sharing some images and videos from the official site and we highly recommend that you check it out. We think you'll enjoy learning all about the design and construction elements that make this icon unique.



The result is strongly reminiscent of the gloriously exuberant forms of late-1960s Ferrari sports prototypes, such as the 330 P4 and the 312P. The ratio of the front and wheelarch dimensions are also very much in line with Ferrari tradition. The LaFerrari’s body has been given a sculptural treatment heavily influenced by its aerodynamics. Its elegantly sculpted forms lend a sense of huge power and aggression to the wheelarches, with surfaces flowing fluidly rearwards over the cockpit and beautifully resolved forms that give shape to the volumes themselves.


The LaFerrari’s architecture represents the pinnacle of innovation even by Ferrari’s legendary standards. The objective was to increase aerodynamic efficiency, deliver ideal weight distribution, lower the car’s centre of gravity as far as possible, and, most importantly of all, seamlessly integrate the new hybrid system


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