Liberty Market Murals

Our good friend Ben Johnston always have been making beautiful murals for quite some time now. Big or small, it's always being an impressive process and really inspiring for us. Also Ben always take the time to have a proper setup so he can share his behind-the-scenes which fit perfectly with this typographic style. We are sharing today his latest work at the Liberty Market located in Downtown, Toronto of Canada.

Lifetime Development Inc. presented Ben Johnston with the opportunity to create and paint two murals on the face of the Liberty Market Building, a hallmark structure in Toronto’s Liberty Village. From concept to creation, the verbiage and aesthetic of each piece was selected to pay homage to the urban revitalization of this formerly industrial hub, turned bustling community. Each mural was designed to both stand-alone and work in conjunction with the other, using bold, impactful typography intended to bring the sentiments to life. “Hustle” speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit and vibrancy of those who work and play in Liberty Village. While “Love Liberty” captures the magnetism, history and resounding sense of pride that has grown within the community throughout it’s development.

About Ben Johnston

Ben is a self-taught designer, letterer & illustrator from Cape Town, currently based in Toronto, Canada. With his kickass talent, he had the opportunity to work with brands like: Disney, Virgin, Audi, Saatch & Saatchi and just to name a few.

More information via his Behance.

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