A Little Conversation With Mister Frivolous


A Little Conversation With Mister Frivolous

We already featured the stunning talent of Mr. Frivolous on our blog and today we had the opportunity to have a little chat with this misterious artist. Besides all technical aspects on his work, making miracles with simple marker pens and pencils, we're hungry for more ideas and information about him and so we bring this funny and cool conversation to you guys.

You can check more from Mr. Frivolous at his Official Website.

1) First of all I would like to thank you for doing this interview, it's an honor for us to present more about you to our readers. I would like to start asking about how was the beginning of your career? Please show us one of your early artworks (please send us the picture).

No problem. Thanks for asking me. When I first started I didn't really know what I was doing and didn't have a 'Frivolous' style . I was just mixing all types of creative mediums which also included graphic design. As well as being frustrated and very anxious when I first started out (not much has changed) it was also a lot more fun. I think you can get away with experimenting when you haven't yet developed a style.

2) Please share a picture of your workplace and tells us more about your daily routine.

I don't really have a photo of my workspace so hopefully this image will do instead. My daily routine: Wake up, Think, brush teeth, jump on net, Facebook, emails, think about life, Tumblr, Facebook, research images, think about life, Facebook, Facebook for another 7 hours and then sometimes I find time to draw.

3) Beside your daily work, do you have any hobbies? Please share it with us.

I cant really think of any other hobby but drawing. If you count going out and boogying on the dance floor like a fool as a hobby then I suppose that would be it. I used to really like reading comic books and have a huge collection at home. And fashion magazines too!

4) What you think are the next steps for you as a professional and as a person? And how do you see your creative area on the next 5 years?

The next 5 years? Wow. I haven't really thought that far ahead. Maybe the next step would be to start using different mediums instead of just marker pens. Some of my friends keep telling me to do t-shirts. Who knows. Maybe I'll get into that. Or maybe I should find me a Mrs. Frivolous and get married...

5) Please share five golden lessons you learned to this point.

1- Dont try and argue with an angry woman. Just run.

2- Mixing milk with orange juice is a stupid idea.

3- Being beautiful can never disguise an ugly fart.

4- If you really want to make progress, then go for it and don't wait for anybody.

5- Your mind is a very powerful tool. So if believe that your not good enough, then you won't be.

6)What's the best thing about working on your business and what is the worst? Why?

The best thing is that there is no boss telling me what to do and I can draw when I feel like it. The worst is that I am very easily distracted and some times a little lazy.

7) Do you have any heroes? What make them your heroes? (please send us pics just in case they're not popular)

The first people that poped into my head were Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby so I think I will go with those two for now.

8) Tell us in one picture how you're feeling about your life right now (please send us the picture).


9) Now for some quick and short answers:

- A Food: Rice

- A Animal: Cat

- A Color: Black

- A Tool: Pen?

- A Person: Natalie Portman

- A Place: New York

- A Song: Smashing Pumpkings "1979"

- A Movie: Coming To America

- A Book: Choose Your Own Adventure

- A Quote: "After Hardship Comes Ease"

10) Thanks again for your time, please leave a final message for the ones who are starting out on this kind of business, tell us something we should expect.

I would say to just do what you really love doing. Dont try to please anyone else by pursuing something you know you dont really have an interest in . And also be very patient and persistent.

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Marcos Torres

I'm Marcos Torres, I'm a Graphic Artist from Brasil. You can know more about me at my Website, at my Tumblr or at my Flickr.