Logofolio by Shaivalini Kumar

Late at night, currently surfing the Web for a logo for a client project. One of the best parts of my process, exploring and get inspired. It might sound silly but letting my mind free while surfing does make a difference instead of trying to find something. I stumbled across the work of Shaivalini Kumar and I can't help to enjoy her logofolio from this year. It's full of great pieces and I like how she can co-exist a neutral solid colour with shadows. Hope you will enjoy!

About Shaivalini Kumar

Shaivalini is a designer currently based Los Angeles and she's focusing her work into Art Direction, Graphic Design, Ilustration and Typography. You should definitely check out her work on Instagram.

For more information: http://www.supernovadesign.net.

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François Hoang

Running by the name of François Hoang, I am the Editor and one of the writers on the blog. If you wanna request a feature, tweet me at @AoiroStudio.

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