Lovely Package Design Projects

Once again I made a selection of package designs but this time I went a little deeper and got a lovely selection of great package design projects, so you can get a lot of views of each project and also find out more each design.

For more stuff you can look up on I also found some from

Furry Utopia

Create a new brand called furry utopia selling conceptual design merchandise by:

Cassette Badge Sets

Being a child of the eighties I have fond memories of cassettes and I have created these limited edition badge sets as a reminder of this past format. There is currently 12 different cassette types by some of the mainstream tape manufacturers that I remember having in my childhood. Each set consists of 6, 25mm button badges which are created as circular crops of the actual cassette artwork. These are attached to a printed cassette back board and sealed in a classic cassette box with a custom inlay card giving a brief history of the cassette format. by:

Puerto Despertar (cd packaging)

A folded and stitched poster becomes an envelope that keeps a jewel-box inside. The title of the cd is "Puerto Despertar" (Port Awakening), hence a bundle of light rays on the front cover. by:

Weatherbey's Fine Tobacco


Vitamin Packaging

A Series of Vitamin packages: working on typographic hierarchy and the 3D form. by:

FYS (Finish Your Self)

Puzzle your own chair together (with a little help from mama) using a large part of the packaging. The chair is made from corrugated cardboard and is 100% recyclable. by:

Malibu Pop & Street Series

La MJC came up with this idea of re-designing Malibu bottles in “pop” interpretations by legendary Europe artists So-Me, James Jarvis and Delta. Only 100 numbered bottles of each are available, a colette exclusive. by:

Basic Shapes

A family of animal characters were created by combining the square, circle and triangle. The characters were silk-screened to a 1680 X 500mm modernist growth chart for kids. by:


A simple, genial and creative design of leather-made home accessories, which is made out of the designers’ creativity and imagination. Zuny enriches the peoples’ life and provides a perfect gateway for releasing annoyances and pressures from work and frustration. Such prospection motivates Zuny to achieve its goal - “Make your life funny and easy". by:

479º Popcorn





Transforming a chip-shop brand into a hero brand - and making 14 year-old boys feel like 18-year old - by telling a story about ‘rebellion'. by:



CLOT x Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Clot Air Force 1 comes in a special ‘Chinese Candy Box’ packaging set. Traditionally, Lunar New Year celebrations include offering sweets and other edible treats from a red lacquer box to ensure a ’sweet’ year. Honoring this custom, the Nike Clot Air Force 1 packaging is a hexagonal red box with a partitioned tray layer, to hold shoe accessories, and matching lid. The box’s exterior is adorned with Clot graphics in black.


Input: Pucko is the classic chocolate drink brand in Sweden with an iconic glass bottle. Arla Foods wanted to refine the brand identity that it would work on additional packaging types and sizes. by:

Colors In Motion

This is a press kit for a printing house that produces packaging projects. We made it as a cardboard box with innovative construction trying to present all the technical possibilities of the printing house.

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