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Designing for the web has changed quite a lot since the mobile revolution and the introduction of tablets. We designers had to start thinking not only about screen resolutions, but also sizes, aspect ratios and how everything would work in synchrony. It's a challenge because you have to design something that works really well on a landscape aspect ration but also when checked on phones and tablets, the portrait version should also work equally well. There are great examples of sites that achieve that, the Make website created by Philippe Corthout and Make Antwerp is a good example.

The homepage has a three column slot-machine-like scrolling action with items that link to various posts, portfolio items, tweets. The slots form a full screen image after a certain amount of scrolling, showing a different image each time it gets triggered.

Make is an interactive and digital agency based in Antwerp, Belgium. The project is currently under development. For more information check out


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