Make your dream of a beautiful web design into reality with Squarespace

Have you ever set out on the daunting task of creating a personal website to promote your business or online shop, portfolio, passion project, etc…but haven’t been able to quite find the motivation or time to do so, especially the task of having a great web design? We here at Abduzeedo have certainly become big fans of Squarespace for its ability to deliver accessible, beautiful website design for anyone looking to tackle their dreams and make a mark. Squarespace is a one-stop shop for creating a beautiful home online without all the back-breaking work of installing software, worrying about bandwidth, applying security patches or even the overwhelming nature of making sense of it all. Squarespace makes it so incredibly simple it’s almost impossible to believe. Just upload content, customize your design leveraging their copious template choices, more than 45 to be exact, and you’re ready to go.

You can easily purchase a domain, create a website, build an online

store, and connect to Google Apps for a custom email all in one place with zero technical configuration. Not only that, you have your very own IT department, UX designer, and customer service center with around-the-clock support all in one easy place.

Squarespace’s award-winning templates are the most beautiful way to present your ideas online. You can showcase your work with multiple presentations including in full-screen mode, slideshows, lightbox, and beyond and the Squarespace team creates perfectly cropped versions for every device. No more worries about learning how to create a responsively designed site as they do all that gnarly work for you.

And the sweetest part about making the choice to use Squarespace to create your site is the simple, affordable pricing with websites starting at $12/month and online stores at just $26/month. Also, when you purchase an annual website or online store you get a free custom domain for one whole year!

Don’t delay on making your next move beautiful and let Squarespace help make your mark. Start your free trial today. No credit card required. When you decide to subscribe, be sure to use coupon code 'ABDUZEEDO’ for 10% off your first website or domain purchase.

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