Mazda 787B Ilustration

Our good friend PJ Tierney just shared his latest illustration about the Mazda 787B and we totally dig it so we had to share his work on Abduzeedo. One thing we do enjoy from PJ's work is that he's not shy at sharing his entire process as well. For many artists and designers, learning from one's another process is a very great way to learn any new techniques and get inspired. By the level of details of this illustration, PJ haven't forgot any details and truly shows his great passion in Motorsports.






About PJ Tierney

PJ works as the Community Management Assistant at Konami Europe. Other than being a real passionate on good design and creativity, PJ has a huge passion for Motorsport. Since the early ages, PJ was drawing his way up to Fine Art and now he enjoys sharing his creative process and creative projects.

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