Metal Magazine Editorial Design

The amazing people from Folch Studio put together an incredible editorial design project for Metal Magazine, a fashion publication for a younger demographic. As I've said many times before, editorial design is such an inspiration for me. I love the way designers play with the grid, imagery and typography. For this project you can see some details that give a super fresh look, like the images breaking the grid and almost superimposing the text.

Moving away from the young fashion publication for young people, Metal’s visual language turned more mature and sophisticated, claiming a more conceptual idea of fashion. The new format, art direction and typographic treatment symbolised this transition. While creating a strong attitude and strengthening the magazines structure, design almost disappears, creating with its absence a recognisable look and feel.

"Metal came out from this new zeitgeist and contributed to the necessary creation of a new format, where content and concepts were finally dealt with in an unprecedented way in fashion fields.
Some of the photographers who turned their noses up at this choice, were later aspiring to see their work published in such a fresh and experimental framework. Images were strongly enhanced by an innovative and playful choice of papers, something not really common in editorial design at that time: the harmonic play between the organicity of the offset paper and the cold white of the coated ones was spread across the bound and stapled publication.

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