Minimalist Editorial Design for VÆRK Magazine

How many people read paper magazine nowadays? I started this post with a question because despite the fact that magazines are becoming obsolete in their paper form, their contribution to design is hard to put on words. Editorial design for me is one of the most inspiring fields of design. It's the pinnacle of design if you will. You have a limit amount of space on the page, you might have big and small images, you have text and you need to call readers attention for the content. It's always a great exercise to try to design a magazine. Stine Erlang Sloth shared a cool project on her Behance profile where she redesigned VÆRK Magazine for a school project. Below you can see the results.

The cool thing about this project for me is the typography, use of white space but also the bold use of blue for the cover. It is a departure from the normal white or full image style. I love how bold it looks, especially with the embossed text but still with a classic editorial design style.

Three of the leading lifestyle magazines in Denmark and SMK  has gone together and made a new art magazine - VÆRK, which will open new doors to art. 

Editorial Design

Via Behance. For more information check out:



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