Misen : The Best, Most Thoughtfully Designed Chef's Knives You'll Ever Need

Just in time for Father's Day here in the U.S., if the Dad in your life is in the market for a new set of beautifully crafted chef's knives look no further than Misen, a new brand of chef's knives with three simple mandates in mind: quality, thoughtful design at an honest price. The folks over at Misen were kind enough to let us test drive their Misen Essentials Set and we were immediately wooed by the supreme quality (Japanese steel) and functionality (sloped bolster and hybrid blade) of these beautiful knives. With those terms I may sound like a gastronomist but I'm somewhat of a hurricane in the kitchen. When it came to putting these guys to work I'll admit I felt a bit more professional.

The name comes from ‘mise en place’ and if you're anything of a culinary buff you know what that means. If you are like me you google the term and discover this fancy French lingo means “to put in place.” Apparently, chefs use the term to describe the process of setting up their stations before service. Something I could really learn to do better. The Misen brand pays homage to mise en place striving to inspire better cooking through proper preparation with quality tools.

Made from premium Japanese steel and hand polished to a razor-sharp finish, our Chef’s Knife holds a keen edge for precise cuts dish after delicious dish.

The Misen team is on to something special by bringing simplicity back to the art of cooking through a few simple techniques, a few quality tools, at prices that won't have you eating ramen. 

Oh and because we have a love affair with well-designed websites, be sure to appreciate their beautiful site after you've fallen in love with the knives. 

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