Modern Chef Must-Have: Joule by ChefSteps


We were tipped off on Joule from the genius team at ChefSteps by a legit 'good cook' friend of ours and couldn't resist in posting about this innovative, gorgeously designed instrument to inspire the Michelin-starred chef hiding inside all of us. Seattle-based food and technology startup ChefSteps launched Joule back in May of 2016 with a simple mission of "bringing the kitchen back to the heart of the home." With Joule, their goal is to help people cook smarter, inspire creativity and encourage experimentation with the world’s smallest, smartest, and most beautifully designed sous vide tool. Joule and its corresponding App enable cooks to go from raw to ready in a few simple steps teaching visual doneness and precise temperature control. Simply program what's cooking, tap start and set a timer. Voila. The most delicious and juicy steak that won't be mooing or taste like an old leather shoe for once. And because we're geeks about design we can't fail to mention Joule’s forged 316L stainless steel design and impact-resistant, seamless food grade plastic housing for a lifetime of durability. Also, Joule is entirely waterproof because we all have learned the hard way. Purchase your Joule online today at for $199 and learn more about sous vide in this delightful video here

"...the more you know about cooking, the better you get at it. And the better you get at it, the more fun it is. We think cooking and eating together makes us better humans, and we want to share that belief with the world." - 

“From day one, our goal at ChefSteps has been to help passionate cooks be creative and confident in the kitchen,” said Chris Young, CEO and co-founder of ChefSteps. "Joule is a culinary tool that was designed and built to help cooks of every skill level and to make sous vide a real part of today’s kitchen—a tool that can help you make amazing meals on busy days or wow guests with special-occasion feasts.”

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