The Moment Case + Lens (Review)


Either you're on an adventure, trip, exploring your city or just taking pictures of your food. Mobile Photography is really part of our daily routine. Big thanks to the creators to make us tools to genuinely push us to simply "Make More". We are happily reviewing (It's been a long time) the iPhone Case and Lens made my Moment, a great bunch of builders/makers that believe that the future of photography is right in your pockets.

My Gear

For the Review, I am using the Moment Case (Black) with the 18mm Wide Lens. I've attached some shots with the 60mm Tele Lens as well by our good friend Stephen Di Donato.


If you don't have the case nor the lens, you can always get your hands on the free app. The App feels great, easy to use and I really do enjoy the minimal approach of the UI so you can focus on what you are photographing. But my only thing is that it takes some time to reload between shots if you compare to your standard Camera app. I wish the mechanism was a bit touch faster. Other than that, Moment really has done their homework with the app. I love the fact that you can easily control the exposure, manual focus and simply connect your Moment lens and case.


Coming in three different colours and I had the chance to play with the "all-black" and "walnut" case and they both feel amazing at the grip. I personally loved the "all-black" case more and I would say that its best feature is the "rubbered grip" on the back of the case. Most cases would easily get slippery while you're holding it but not with Moment. It fits right in your hand and takes comfort at giving you the best feel for your shots. The Shutter button does exactly what is supposed to be doing and it worked pretty well on landscape/portrait shots. The magic really comes to life when you attach the lens to the case. With the lens, everything feels balanced. I must admit that with everything together you have that sudden urge to explore and wanting to take beautiful pictures at all times.


They are divided into three categories

• Wide Lens
• Tele Lens
• Micro Lens

If you ever wanna invest for Mobile Photography gear and you are interesting on the Moment products. I would say to get yourself a lens, I ordered the Wide Lens because I thought it would be a better fit for my common needs and what I was looking for. It's not about what's best on the market but more about what do you wanna do with your Lens. I was quite impressed with the quality of the lens, the "metal" material doesn't feel cheap and the glass looks great. One thing, the glass collects the dust like nothing, make sure that your lens is clean before taking any shots. Now I always have the Wide Lens in my pockets at all times.


I didn't try the mount that comes with the lens since I had the case but my good pal Andrew Griswold (Co-Founder of @igersindy) said:

I'm not a fan of cases so the back mount system they have is solid and secure. Super thin profile still and mounts perfectly.


Wide Lens (18mm)

Tele Lens (60mm) by Stephen Di Donato

Tele Lens (60mm) by Stephen Di Donato


Last Words

Moment Case + Lens is a great combination of products to get if you're passionate about mobile photography. For the pricing, they are expensive but it's really worth the investment. I found myself wanting to take better pictures and Moment will give you the best tools. For a limited time, Moment has shared a discount code with abduzeedo10 for 10% off on your next purchase.

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