The most intricate deck of cards ever made

I have been posting a lot about branding and editorial design here on ABDZ. Most of these projects are very minimal with simple forms and most often not many details. Of course that doesn't mean that we won't feature different types of projects and that's the reason I am sharing with you the Citizens Playing Cards | Kevin Cantrell project created by Satellite Office | &Reach for a deck of cards.

So this is not a simple deck of cards, it's the most intricate, breathtaking deck of cards ever made. Every aspect of Kevin Cantrell’s work for theory11 was translated with a relentless handcrafted, unrivaled attention to detail. Opulent art is combined with gold foil, hot stamping, and bronze foil to create a box design that’s eye catching, elegant, and sophisticated.

For more information about Satellite Office and their sister-agency &Reach, check out

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