Motion Design and Illustration: Loopy by MUTI

Loopy is a graphic design and motion design project created and shared by MUTI on their Behance profile. This project caught my attention because it shows where our industry is heading in my opinion. The project is a set of motion design pieces on very stylish illustrations, the sort of illustrations we would see featured on design sites just a illustrations a few years back. Now, however there's subtle and elegant animations, which really takes it to a new level. As the title of the post suggest, they are all perfectly looped motion graphics. Check them out.

MUTI is a creative studio founded in 2011, based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. They're a dedicated team of illustrators and designers who are passionate about producing original and inspiring artwork, from lettering to icons, digital painting to animation. They've also had the privilege of working with various companies across the globe, big names like Nike, Red Bull, Google, UNIQLO, American Express, Samsung, EMI, British Airways, Uber, TIME, Monocle, Adobe,  and many more. 

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