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If you love motion design and are not following Eyedesyn, you should start right now. EJ Hassenfratz, the mastermind behind it, is always sharing some incredible tutorials on Cinema 4D, for free. As he mentioned on his site " I aim to help designers realize their potential and get into the mindset of making learning a lifelong habit". In addition to that he also teaches at It's an super noble cause, and we here at Abduzeedo always support the sharing of knowledge. For this post I'd love to feature some of his work from his Dribbble profile. 

Here at, we try to make learning fun and engaging for all designers.  Helping you push not only the limits of your software, but your creativity, is something we strive to do.  Through our tutorials, I hope you follow my ethos of learning something new every single day, no matter how small that thing may be.

Motion design

Camping blueData center to earth dribbbleWindows phoneRocket manMarble colored lgMushroomGamerNintendo controllerFlag loopDynamic emitter gold lgSwitchHeart hugSpringboard scenePot of goldSpring sprung dribbble

I started Eyedesyn because of the fact that I wouldn’t be where I am right now unless there was enough people willing to give up their knowledge for free online.  I wanted to give back in some way and create tutorials that were accessible to anyone of any level of experience. 

For more information make sure to check out Eyedesyn on:

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