Motion Design Awesomeness for Bravo China

Bravo China is a motion design and brand identity project created and shared by Donerzozo on Behance. It's hard for me to understand exactly what it's for, my assumption is that it is for the Bravo TV channel. I might be completely wrong, but the important thing is that the motion design work is top-notch. I love the isometric perspective, the color palette and especially the mood with the textures. It feels natural and realistic, not like the super flat and clean vector style we see most of the time. Check out below the video and some stills. 

Donerzozo is a motion graphic designer or motion magic design from Shanghai, China. Her portfolio has some amazing other projects like Designer ' World, Rio 2016 ID for GS channel and The Starry Night of Van Gogh 梵高星月夜动画短片 VR to name a few. For more information make sure to check out

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