Mr. Milk Branding

Taking advantage of negative space is one of the smartest ways to create intelligent and efficient logos. There are several examples out there, one of the most popular being the ubiquitous FEDEX logo. You can snoop other examples from a post we published a few months ago as well: Logo Design: Negative Space. In this post we feature another clever example created by Justin Ross Tolentino, the project is titled Mr. Milk and it uses the letter M and milk bottles to create the symbol.

This was a project I made in school. The assignment was to create an identity for a job of yesteryear. I decided to base my project on a milkman I called Mr. Milk. My personal goal for the project was to create a timeless logo that could have easily been used in the 1950s as it could today. To merge the past and the present I paired the classic milk bottle silhouette with a clean sans serif. To give it some pop and contrast I decided to use cyan blue because I usually drink 2% milk. However, this color could easily be interchanged to reflect the different varieties of milk, e.g. red for whole milk, yellow for low fat, and brown for chocolate.

For more information about Justin check out his website at

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