NASA GeneLab

Designing is all about communication, find the right way to reach the audience and engage them. A good user experience is when users get what they want with little or no effort. Simplicity is key but how can you make something simple when there's a lot to show. Like the NASA GeneLab project. Mads Bjerre, Hello Monday and Sebastian Gram did a good job for that project with a flexible system and beautiful typography.

The mission of NASA GeneLab is relatively simple: conduct research in space, explore the molecular response of terrestrial biology to microgravity, uncover findings that push back the frontiers of understanding on Earth, and make all the discoveries available to a worldwide network of scientists and researchers in an open-access database.

Ok, so maybe it’s not that simple. But you have to start somewhere. In our case, it was helping NASA create a visual identity and platform design for GeneLab that would inspire laypeople, increase funding for the initiative, and galvanize support for the project from the scientific community.

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