Netflix's Altered Carbon 2 Key Illustration

Since most of us are spending lots of time at 'home' and statistically speaking about 20% of the planet is in lockdown at the moment. How crazy is that? I hope you are finding the time to traverse new things and occupy all this time, maybe some Netflix? Speaking of that, did you watch the new Altered Carbon 2 Netflix series yet? We are featuring the key art illustration for the series designed by Dmitriy Glazyrin. Worked in a collaboration with Rhubarb agency, it's definitely an illustration that gets your attention and showcasing the amazing Anthony Mackie.

About Dmitriy Glazyrin

Dmitriy is a freelance Art Director, 3D Artist, Retoucher based in Stuttgart, Germany. I love the mixture of 3D & CGI works on many kind of projects including animals, concepts and cars! Make sure to to follow him on Behance.

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