New Trend in Visual Design and Motion Design for the Web?

I love browsing through sites like Behance and Dribbble for visual design inspiration. It's amazing to see how much the field has evolved. We can see highly editorial designs that look more and more like beautiful magazine pages. I know that most of these designs are just static mocks beautifully animated, but the important thing is that with today's technology there are many ways to translate all of these well-crafted visual design work to real products. Apple has shown us that, then other follows like Google, Microsoft and many others.

For this post I'd like to share a few designs from Adam Zielonko, a designer based in Gdynia, Poland. He has a quite solid portfolio but what I liked about these screens were the sort of pattern of solid blocks of color and transitions. It seems like a new trend coming up, so let's wait and see. Below you can see what I am talking about. Also make sure to check out Adam's work at

Visual Design

High r2 adamzielonko 06 03Love is a form of prejudiceButelki z benzyna i kamienie14 01 2018

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