30 Interesting Light Leak Shots


Light leaks are probably one of the main reasons I enjoy analog photography so much. They're like little perfect imperfections that add a whole new feel to the image - makes the picture appear a little softer and dreamier.

A light leak is exactly what the name suggests. It's when light accidentally leaks into the camera causing an area of the film to over-expose. Some people hate it and go as far as to cover the back of the camera with duct tape so as to avoid it, but I think it's beautiful so I gathered here a few interesting examples for you guys. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

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Alessandra Maggioni

Sarah Bernhard


Christian Pitschl

Jeremy Pettis

1-Zeke 2-Alex

kaitlin van baarle

Dustin Yager

nick bartoletti

becca newing