CSS 3 Tips by Nick and Jim from Doctype

Doctype is the show for people who make websites. Every episode, Nick and Jim, break down the latest topics and trends in web design and web development, from CSS3 and iconography to jQuery and web security. Whether you're a designer that wants to learn some coding or a developer that thinks everything they make looks like crap, Doctype is the show for you!

They have some very useful episodes with tips for those, like me, are trying to improve their CSS 3 skill, using rounded corners, text-shadows and columns. That's why we're sharing these episodes with the Abduzeedo community.

For more information visit http://doctype.tv/ or follow them at Twitter (http://twitter.com/doctypetv) or Facebook (http://facebook.com/doctype).


CSS3 Columns and jQuery Plugins

CSS3 Borders and HTML5 Sections

CSS3 Gradients & HTML5 Databases

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