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We're planning to launch an online store to sell some t-shirts... we even got a really nice tee design from a quite popular designer... which it's still a suprise. The name we thought for the store is Abductees, because of the clear link with Abduzeedo, abduction and t-shirts.

I was working on the logo and the idea was to make something really simple using just the font. Playing with the characters, I've noticed that I could create a clear visual reference to a coat hanger with the "E" and "S".


Abduzeedo Logo

Coat Hanger


After a few tweaks with the letters, I got two versions for the logo. Both have the reference to the coat hanger, however the first one is more visible, while the second one it's not that clear, but the "S" looks better, therefore it's more readable.

I'd love to hear your opinion about the logo and which version you like the most. Also if you have suggestions for the shape or even the colors, please let us know. Just leave a comment with you opinion, I'll appreciate it.

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