Easy Bomb-Omb in Illustrator


Hi everyone, how're you doing? Today I'm going to show a beginner tutorial of how to create a Super Mario's Bomb-Omb is just a few steps, you don't have to be good at drawing or even at Illustrator to do it.

As I said before, this is a really basic tutorial for beginners but, of course, you can learn a few tricks here and there. So please stay with us till the end of the post, hope you enjoy it.

Line Work

Let's start by structuring our drawing. First of all, please open Adobe Illustrator and create a new canvas (command + n / ctrl + n) with 29,7 x 21 cm, CMYK, 300 dpi.

Let's star with the basic and create the body/head of the Bomb-Omb, first create a ellipse using the ellipse tool (L) with the same width ad height bellow:

Now let's create the rounded rectangles usingthe rounded rectangle tool that will be the eyes, use the same settings as the thumbnail bellow:

Now using the rectangle tool (M), let's create the legs, use the same settings as bellow:

In order to create it's feet we first need to create a sphere using the ellipse tool (L) with the same settings as bellow:

Then create a square over it using the square tool (M), make sure to posicionate it border on the center of the sphere using the selection tool (V).

Then select both shapes and go to the pathfinder panel and use the shape mode called Divide.

Here it is, a half moon. After you just gotta duplicate it using the selection tool (V) + alt or command / ctlr + c - command / ctlr + v

Using the pen tool (P), create this shape and duplicate it.

Now do a right click over the copy of the shape and go to Transform > Reflect.

Reflect the Vertical Axis of it then posicionate it to make the fuse base.

Now go again to the pathfinder panel and select the shape mode called Unite.

Now you have a single piece.

Using the pen tool (P), draw the fuse angulated to te right side.

Let's make the shadows bellows his feet, first make two spheres using the ellipse tool (L).

Now go to the gradients panel and select one with the following settings:

Adjust the gradient amount using the gradient tool (G).

Using the pencil tool (N), draw the fire sparkles like this:

Then using the pen tool (P) add some lines to the fuse structure.


Now select the body/ head sphere and go to the gradients panel. Adjust the colors and settings to get like there, remember to posicionate the gradient using the gradient tool (G).

The feet are really plain and simple: just go to the gradient panel and create one with the following settings:

The same thing goes to the legs.

Create this radial grey gradient on the gradient panel and later adjust it using the gradient tool (G) to create volume on the eyes.

Use another linear metallic gradient to create the base of the fuse.

I made this fire gradient to use on the sparkles, feel free to do yours with you thing this is not good enough.

I added this linear beige gradient to the fuse and later did the same to each line, so it would give a depth effect on this part.

Well, now we got all gradients done, let's skip to the shades.


Using a specif setting on gradient I could create this shades without using blending modes, what make the files lighter. It's pretty easy: first go to the gradient panel and create a black to black gradient, now select the white color and se it's opacity to 0%. Now you can adapt it to each use, on the legs I decided to let only the middle withou shades as you can see on the thumbnail bellow.

On the bottom of the base of the fuse I added this radial shade.

And one in the base of the fuse itself.

Bellow each eye I create this radial shade using the same shape used to create the eye bug bigger.

The Final Result

Well guys, I hope you liked it, I will try to bring some more short tuts as this one soon, see ya.

Download the tutorial file here.

Written by

Marcos Torres

I'm Marcos Torres, I'm a Graphic Artist from Brasil. You can know more about me at my Website, at my Tumblr or at my Flickr.