Weekly Apps: Jiffy, TodoMovies, Beat and more

Almost all of the apps selected today are clean and simple, with few but nice features. So take a look at Beat and Jiffy and you'll see that! Also, it's worth to try TodoMovies and Clean Calculator! Hope you guys like theses apps and the whole selection, and stay tuned for the next week!

You can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter twitter.com/FabianoMe and include #abdz_apps in the message.

Beat - beatapp.cc

Beat is a beautiful, gesture based, simple and easy to use music player for iPhone.


Clean Calculator - play.google.com

This is a beautiful, clean calculator, which supports multiple themes, for everyone who wants to calculate in style.

Clean Calculator

Jiffy - jiffy.nu

Jiffy is a time tracking tool conceived, designed and developed by people who need to track time for people who need to track time.


qPinner - saltaisworks.tk

Got tons to do and remember? With qPinner you can create Tasks, Notes, To dos, Ideas and Notification Reminders.


TodoMovies - taphive.com

TodoMovies is the easiest and best way to manage movies you want to watch.


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