ABC poster by Dado Queiroz

I love to see the creative process behind inspiring work, it helps me to remember that every work, no matter how complex, starts from basic sketches and forms. When we see the final result we tend to forget the process and that's why I love this post from Dado Queiroz for the Type Directors Club. The image is titled ABC poster and it's a super intricate composition.

I had the absolute honor to be invited to give a talk at the Type Directors Club in New York earlier in April and this is the poster I came up with for it, now with a minor revision. The process was a bit of a nightmare, but I'm really glad I went all the way through.

ABC poster for the Type Directors Club


ABC poster by Dado Queiroz/>

About Dado Queiroz

Dado Queiroz is from Curitiba, Brazil. He attended to Architecture school but to drop out just one year later and started at a Graphic Design program. Before moving to Amsterdam in 2011, where he worked as Senior Visual Designer at IceMobile, He lived for four years in São Paulo and he is mostly interested in work that has personality. Strong personality, whenever possible.

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