Edge Drop Industrial Design by Junyoung Jang

A great design is nothing than a simple solution for a problem that an specific audience might have. It doesn't have to be complicated, actually it's the opposite. The industrial design graduation work title Edge Drop by Junyoung Jang exemplifies that beautifully well. I believe everyone has had the same problem using a paint bucket, and that's why Junyoung tried to solve whith his project.

Below you can see a little bit of the creative process

Context and challenges

How do you use a paint bucket? Paint can be used by either taking it upon container or boards, or dipping a brush right into bucket. You probably experienced the following during this process:

First, you probably pour out too much paint. Second, when you take the brush out after leaving it in the bucket, paint flows down the paint bucket. The paint hardens, making it difficult to close the lid.


  1. 1. The opening/closing area of the edgedrop has a V-shaped groove, allowing easy, detailed control when taking out paint.
  2. 2. The entrance is slanted towards the inner area, preventing paint from flowing outward.

Final product

For more information about Junyoung Jang visit his portfolio at http://www.behance.net/Jangjunyoung

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