Hospital App - Concept by Jurgen Ploeger

Designing mobile application has become what designing websites were in the Web 2.0. There are many differences between these two medias, for websites context was more predictable, someone would have to be using his/her computer. With mobile phones the context plays a huge role and understanding where, when and how people will interact with your product will give you the insights you need to design a better product. Today we feature a really cool concept app design for nurses created by Jurgen Ploeger.

This concept hospital app let's nurses monitor their patients, e.g. measuring their blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) multiple times a day, which will give them an overview of any progression

Jurgen Ploeger is a Dutch UI/UX & Interaction Designer currently based in Amsterdam. At the moment he is freelancing in his spare time, alongside being part of FRONTISME where he pushes pixels as designer. He is still attending school as a multimedia design student.

Via Behance

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