Wallpaper of the Week by Nikolas Ardeley

The wallpaper of this week is an amazing image created by Nikolas Ardeley, a multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer from France but living in Asia, between Singapore & Malaysia since 2008. Graduated from a Visual Communication degree in Singapore in early 2013, he started his career as a Street Artist back in Europe, but moved to a more commercial side of the design world. This wallpaper is from his NEON SERIES wallpapers.

I always try new areas of design, learn as much as I can from each. So today, I can do work from print, web, publishing layouts to full identities and other. My clients varies from Video & Photography to branding, EDMs, posters and so on

For more information visit http://thefatandbearded.com/

Abduzeedo's wallpaper of the week by Nikolas Ardeley
Desktop Version

Abduzeedo's iPad wallpaper of the week by Nikolas Ardeley
iPad Version

Abduzeedo's iPhone wallpaper of the week by Nikolas Ardeley
iPhone Version


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