Weekly Apps: Flush, Flip, Bus Tracker and more

Today we're featuring a great Android designer and developer called San Ruston. This is not a comercial post, it's because all those apps deserve to be all in one single post. Take a look on all of them! Hope you guys like these apps and stay tuned for the next week!

You can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter twitter.com/FabianoMe and include #abdz_apps in the message.

Weather Timeline - samruston.co.uk

Weather Timeline is a simple weather app that focuses on summarising the next hour, the next 48 hours and the next week so you don't have to.

Weather Timeline

Flush - samruston.co.uk

Flush is a fast and simple toilet finder. It has a slick interface with beautiful animations and transitions inspired by material design.


Bus Tracker - samruston.co.uk

This is a bus tracker (as the title states, this only works for buses in Yorkshire). Just enter a bus stop number and it will show the buses that are going to arrive there and their estimated times.

Bus Tracker

Flip - samruston.co.uk

Flip is a simple and easy-to-use currency & exchange rate converter. It supports over 160 currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin!


Jake and Amir - samruston.co.uk

This app provides you with 500+ Jake and Amir videos, If I Were You, as well as giving you access to the script archive!

Jake and Amir

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