Melting Offf Unmasked

We have posted many articles about typography but there are a number of projects in particular that really catch our eye. Whether it's the striking visual outcome or the technique behind it, we're blown away by the amazing talent that surrounds us. That's the case of the Melting Offf Unmasked project by Noelia Lozano for the Offf conference. It's awesome to see the video that Noelia shares showcasing a behind the scenes peek into the intricacy and craftsmanship involved throughout the process.

Contribution to the OFFF UNMASKED art book celebrating the 15th edition of Barcelona’s OFFF festival. Featuring contributions from renowned illustrators and graphic designers around the world, presenting OFFF as a polytheistic cult,a secret religion with it´s own sacred rituals, places and prophets. The book was designed by Barcelona design studio VASAVA in collaboration with the OFFF team.


Behind the scenes

My contribution to the OFFF brief plays with the idea of unmasking to expose your real self. You need to melt through the layers, in order to show the internal struggle; the real form which is initially invisible to the observer.


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