So Hexy

One thing I've always wanted to learn but have never been able to focus on was 3D. Despite the lack of skills in this field I still love checking out 3D work that designers put together on Behance and other websites. The project So Hexy is one of these projects, a really cool mix of 3D with an awesome idea, the hexagons creating cubicle areas. The project was created by Anatoly Bazarob and it's definitely worth checking it out.

Hello! My name is Anatoly Bazarob (Kid Cut), i'm 24 years old designer from Moscow. I got job at local studio, but freelance is so deep in my soul, that I can say it "goodbay". On weekends I draw my 3D-fantasy, by the way, there is my "magnum opus" — concept of level-design videogame about hex. Each room is a single level based on that geometrical figure. Pay attention — every room name have reference to "hex". Weekend, vacations, cold evenings — it's all i need :)

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