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Our friends from Webdesigner Depot are always working on new ideas for the design industry. In a time of an overflow of information and with easy access to tools to share ideas and projects, it becomes evermore complicated to keep up to date. In an effort to address this problem, WebdesignerNews was launched to help us keep up with breaking news, trending topics and expert opinions.

WebdesignerNews was created to support the web design community and takes on similar characteristics of the old Digg.com where users could submit articles, and based on popular vote, an article would be featured. The difference is that WebdesignerNews is all about design. Simple and without much fanfare, it brings curated information straight to you in a truly mesmerizing way.

We built WebdesignerNews.com to provide web designers and developers with a single location to discover the latest and most significant stories on the Web.

More about WebdesignerNews here: WebdesignerNews features the breaking news stories of the day, sourced by designers for designers. Handpicked by industry experts from hundreds of blogs, social media, and news posts; our high-quality content features fresh tools and apps, case studies, code demos, inspiration, videos, and more. Vote up stories that matter to you, and easily share them with your network. Sign up to our newsletter for daily updates, or create an account and archive your favorites from our selection of the most vital news, trends, and opinions from across the Web.

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