The Design Disruptors Documentary, A Huge Step For the Design Community

I'm a user of InVision app it's been a while. The tool and the service it's quite amazing and the company is always doing a great job with its blog, always bring excelent articles for the web community. Now they are making something even more awesome, a documentary called Design Disruptors, featuring companies like Twitter, Google, AirBnb and more!

The 21st century has seen massive change in the world of business. Traditional industries have been shaken to their foundations by startups that seem to spring up out of nowhere. How are they doing it? with design.

In design disruptors, you'll meet top designers at the world's smartest companies, and discover how design has become the new language of business.

Some of the people you will see on the film:

Design Disruptors Documentary

Design Disruptors Documentary

“Design is human. it’s not about “is it pretty,” but about the connection it creates between a product and our lives.” - Jenny Arden, Google — UX Design Lead

Design Disruptors Documentary

Design Disruptors Documentary

Stay tuned and be notified when Disruptors release to the public at Also, below is alink to the trailer, it's definitely worth to watch.

Design Disruptors Documentary

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