Rebranding Super, Natural British Columbia

I am currently working on a logo for an untitled project and in the middle of my research; I stumbled across this beautiful rebranding of the Super, Natural British Columbia, in Canada. The folks behind this rebranding are Gabriel Lefebre and Rachel Lecompte from ēthos located in Montreal, Canada. This award-winning duo team are specialists in Branding, Packaging, Copywriting and Graphic Design.

Tourism British Columbia’s brand identity was given a major facelift to reflect its unique offering. Special attention was paid to ensure that the new tools were sufficiently flexible for the specific needs of the many regions and points of contact.

All communications now focus on the emotions stirred by encounters with BC’s larger-than-life wilderness and its life-affirming effect on those who experience it first-hand. The tagline “Super, Natural British Columbia” thus regains its full meaning and its place at the heart of all brand communications...

"Cessons de créer des compagnies, créons plutôt des marques. in the french version of "Let's put to an end to the creation of corporation, let's create more brands."

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