The Book of Ideas by Radim Malinic

Today, we are happily announcing the Launch of Radim Malinic's Book of Ideas on Abduzeedo. It's been quite a few years since his last publication and this time, Radim has put together a journal/collection of 256 pages of his work from the past and also sharing his deep thoughts on our creative industry by not only from a successful perspective but through his creative blocks as well for which is quite interesting one's take of how you encounter these kind of obstacles in your career.

I got to become a creative director by saying yes to pretty much everything I thought I could either learn from or do a good job at. I’m curious about everything,” he says. “I got to a point in my career where I found myself needing one more thing - a reason. This collection of my work has been chosen from the last four years of searching for purpose and reasons.

About Radim Malinic

A designer, creative director, illustrator and speaker; Radim takes a multidisciplinary approach to Design by combining his signature mixture of vibrance and fluid concepts. Currently based in South West London, UK; Radim has been embracing freelance life for more than 10 years now and has worked with brands like: Acer, Arts Council England, BBC, The London Film Museum just to name a few.


Some Thoughts

It’s about how the world outside influences the creativity inside; and how it inspires us, teaches us and makes us create better work.Coming in one size, this book is bound into a solid paperback cover with a beautiful feel and texture. This book is truly for everyone, it' s not particularly aimed to a certain target of audience. Through the book, you get an insight of who is Radim Malinic and what he was been through in the past few years of his life. While going through the pages, this book has given some thoughts about my career myself, what's not working and the things I can do to improve my situation.

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