UI Inspiration: Cards

I really do enjoy surfing on Dribbble for inspiration, it's really a great platform to see what people are working on and possibly some of the latest trends in action. For this week, I thought about putting together a collection on:  Cards. Cards are to some the future for Web Design, not because Google did it! I personally kind of agree with that, for the main reason of making the web more responsive and with the challenge we daily encounter different screen sizes. It can be manipulated and also by keeping its creative side.

Designed by sameer gurav

Designed by Roman Datsyuk

Designed by Jon Lehman

Designed by Nick Parker

Designed by Kiran

Designed by Roque Silva

Designed by Nick Parker

Designed by Andrei Manolache

Designed by Lucija Frljak

Designed by Kenny Lin

Designed by Dea_n

Designed by Jojo Marion

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