RWL Rebranding

This year we're aiming to feature more work in the realm of branding and visual design. Perhaps you've noticed that we have been sharing more visual identity systems, editorial design and branding work in general. Today, we're thrilled to share the work that Siyan Ren shared on his Behance profile showcasing the redesign of agency Rocket Wagon Lab's website.

The founder of the RWL, Mr Skylar Roebuck reached us at the mid July 2015 for a design service of his starting-up design agency. The agency, named Rocket Wagon Lab, which offers at every level of a product’s lifecycle from prototyping and finding product market fit to building a robust API for a global deployment that can handle 100K - 1M users every month. RWL can also create interactive and engaging experiences for brands and businesses. YAMA Design Lab will join this project as a third party design agency, which will provide design services as Branding Design, and follow-up web design.

Siyan Ren is a designer based in San Francisco, California. For more information check out

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