Product Design: Sled™

We can't say that we don't appreciate when creatives decided to work with their hands at making products and also with a background in design. We experience as much the daily routine and some of us will ask the question: "What if" I am to make that "thing/idea" to make my life or process better. From the sketches, concepts, prototypes, strategy and how can others can benefit from my product. There's a lot of obstacles to encounter and it's never easy. We would love to share this great product called: Sled™.

A versatile and portable laptop stand, made from pinewood with love and care for people and nature. - On a different angle


About Sled™

A portable and versatile laptop stand made from a solid pine wood block, with a striped pattern crafted through the years by nature. Precisely cut and hand finished with respect for people and the environment.

For more information or support them, check out their Indiegogo page.

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